No matter what kind of grappler, everyone is afraid of getting tired. We welcome all those who are fearless in their willingness to learn, train hard and never tire.

About Us

Formerly known as the Sydney Uni Wrestling Club (c. 2018), the reinvigorated Wrestling & *Grappling Club looks to incorporate all aspects of the ancient martial art to culminate in the highest level of training for these styles, fundamental to all combat forms. Grappling is a close-range fighting style used to gain a physical advantage such as improving relative position and immobilizing movement of an opponent or adversary. It’s practiced as a competitive sport through its various sub disciplines, as well as a form of self-defense.

It’s also a GREAT form of fitness with an enthusiastic community giving their all to training regardless of their reason to step onto the mats!

We offer classes to suit ALL levels and STYLES of grappling, boasting some of the country’s top coaches and elite resources.

Through the club, we have produced elite athletes that have competed at the highest levels of competition, both in the sports of Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu respectively. Several have gone on to represent Australia on an international level at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. 2016 was a record year for the club with over 12 of our athletes competing at the National Championships, all walking away with medals.

The Coaches

Our coaching team is dedicated to helping each Club Member reach their highest potential.

Please see the Coaching Team & Staff Page for further details on all those who contribute to keeping the lights on and the mats full of warm bodies!

Timetable & Membership

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