2020 Oceania Selection Trials

This past weekend, Sydney city had the distinct honour of hosting this year;s Oceania Selection Trials for the National Olympic Wrestling Team – over 60 elite athletes competing for shot at representing the nation at next year’s Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.

With the support of United World Wrestling (the global wrestling/grappling authority) and state commissions from around the country, we were able to pool together to host an event showcasing Australia’s best, with brand new, world championship-grade mats, at a brand new venue in SCEGGS College, right in the heart of the city.

With that all said, SUWGC is proud to state that we finished the day with 5 of our members qualifying, taking golds in their weight category. Please see the official results below.

Cadet Males 65kgs
Bradley Fulmer NSW 1st
Carl Jankowitz WA 2nd

Cadet Males 71kgs
Jake Treyvaud NSW 1st
Marcel Rogers ACT 2nd
Trent Jaeggi NSW 3rd
Joseph Fallon NSW 4th

Cadet Males 80kgs
Artemios Trepca VIC 1st
Chris Baker ACT 2nd

Junior Male Freestyle 65kgs
Bradley Fulmer NSW 1st
Liam Gusti VIC 2nd

Junior Male Freestyle 70kgs
Jake Treyvaud NSW 1st

Junior Male Freestyle 74kgs
Taylor Pickering WA 1st
Josh Ber VIC 2nd
Jeong Hyeon Kim NSW 3rd

Junior Male Freestyle 79kgs
Artemios Trepca VIC 1st

Junior Male Freestyle 97kgs
Tom Barns WA 1st

Junior Male Greco-Roman 77kgs
Josh Ber VIC 1st

Senior Male Freestyle 61kgs
David Class VIC 1st

Senior Male 61kgs
David Class VIC 1st

Senior Male 65kgs
Mostafa Rezaeifar NSW 1st
Laim Neyland QLD 2nd
Willy Suwanto NSW 3rd

Senior Male Freestyle 70kgs
Petrus Palm WA 1st
Mohsen Al Faraj NSW 2nd
Pem Sherpa VIC 3rd
Saeed Behboodifar NSW 4th

Senior Male Freestyle 74kgs
Taylor Pickering WA 2nd
Nick Delatovic ACT 3rd

Senior Male Freestyle 79kgs
Mohammed Khawari VIC 1st
Kalil Pinto NSW 2nd
Adam Hextall QLD 3rd
Fares Alkhatib NSW 4th
Aaron Eagleton NSW 5th
Alireza Qanbar Ali NSW 6th

Senior Male Freestyle 86kgs
Jayden Lawrence NSW 1st
Bilal Elbatory VIC 2nd

Senior Male Freestyle 92kgs
Tsotne Shengelia NSW 1st
Peiman Khodaei NSW 2nd
Mark Brewer NSW 3rd
Bryan Iro NSW 4th

Senior Male Freestyle 97kgs
Connor Evans VIC 1st
Tom Barns WA 2nd

Senior Male Freestyle 125kgs
Param Pal Singh ACT 1st
Hani Rifahi NSW 2nd

Senior Male Greco-Roman 63kgs
Taaniel Piiskoppel WA 1st
David Class VIC 2nd

Senior Male Greco-Roman 67kgs
Ando Lehtmets WA 1st
Anthony Parr QLD 2nd

Senior Male Greco-Roman 77kgs
Sunil Sharma ACT 1st

Senior Male Greco-Roman 82kgs
Abdulai Salam NSW 1st
Adam Hextall QLD 2nd

Senior Male Greco-Roman 87kgs
Sagandeep Singh ACT 1st

Senior Female 50kgs
Rupinder Kaur VIC 1st

Senior Female 53kgs
Jessica Lavers-McBain QLD 1st

Senior Female 55kgs
Uyen Ha VIC 1st

Senior Female 57kgs
Ariadne Burkhart NSW 1st

Senior Female 72kgs
Gaelle Anzong ACT 1st
Jackie Hattingh ACT 2nd

Senior Female 76kgs
Naomi De Bruine NSW 1st


Published by Mike Yee

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