Keeping Fit at Home

Although the number of new cases of COVID-19 each day have drastically declined in Australia, we still have no ETA on when training will be able to resume. However, our fitness remains as important as ever. But if we don’t have any gym equipment and are getting sick of going for jogs, what’s left?

Fortunately, many organisations and individuals have been promoting fitness through Zoom run classes. For starters, our very own BJJ coach, PT, and accredited exercise and sports scientist Ally Orr has been running near-daily classes. These are excellent for getting a quick daily stretch, HIIT workout, meditation sesh or even just that oh so rare socialisation we’ve been missing these days. Pets welcome and encouraged.

You can get the Zoom ID and more information via her FB group page:

timetable 1

In addition to Ally’s classes, SUSF have a few of their own open to everyone. These will be streamed three times a week on their FB page:

timetable 2

If you’re a USyd student or staff member and SUSF and Ally’s workouts STILL aren’t enough for you, or you’re just after something different, Interfaculty Sport are also running weekly Zoom classes. They’ve committed to putting on HIIT workouts, Pilates and even Zoomba.

To get more info, check out the events on their FB page:

Hopefully this helps you keep fit and sane, till we see each other back at the gym!

~Francis, Adrian

Club President

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