Interesting Intricacies in Isolation

Stuck at home with no one to submit? Here are some solo training tips for BJJ.

Who better to give you technical tips than John Danher? The website BJJ Fanatics have kindly reduced Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John Danaher on their website from 147 USD to free during this widespread isolation. You may not find it just by searching their website so we’ve linked the product at the bottom of this page.

In this solo training video, Danaher goes through the intricacies of core movements like the hip escape, bridge and turn, heisting, scissoring the legs as well as mental concepts such as “shadow grappling” so that you can return to the dojo better than you left.

In addition to many other fundamentals, Danaher goes on to explain the finer details of stances, offers some handy home drills, and finishes up with advice on strength and conditioning for BJJ.

This video set offers not only a perfect introductory tool for beginners to grasp the most important fundamental movements of BJJ, but also provides plenty of details and tips to improve on more experienced grapplers’ techniques. Check it out while it’s still free – all you need do is go to the website and select ‘buy’ (but you won’t be charged anything), you even have the option of downloading it, and it’s yours to keep!


Francis, Adrian

Club President

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