Let’s Talk Recovery

Something most people don’t think about is the fact that recovery is often the most overlooked and one of the most important factors in regards to building muscle, losing weight, and just being generally healthy. ⁣

Without a substantial period of time for recovery, our muscles are stimulated (through exercise), damaged (which in turn prompts the anabolic/building phase), and then if never given the opportunity to properly recover, they will stay in this damaged state for a prolonged period of time. ⁣

This, of course, is a very very simplified version of actual exercise physiology, but the basic idea is the same. Without adequate recovery, your muscles will never adapt and all the hard work you’re putting in will be for nothing. ⁣

So what are the best ways to recover?⁣

1. Eat enough protein. 1.8g of protein per KG of body weight per day. No less. ⁣
2. Get enough sleep. More than 7 hours every single day. ⁣
3. Drink enough water. 3L a day. ⁣
4. Have recovery/rest days. No one should ever workout 7 days a week (unless your workouts are sub max). Your program should include time for rest that is thought out and justified. Don’t just put in a rest day because someone told you to. Find where you need it the most and implement it into your program. ⁣
5. Listen to your body. Take notes and create a picture in your head of how you are performing and recovering. You can then use this information to guide you if you need a random day off (or two). ⁣

If you’re unsure about programming rest days, hit me up. I write programs for all of my online clients and we focus in on when and where rest days should be placed into the cycle.

Ally Orr

~Ally Orr

BJJ Coach and PT

For more of Ally’s work check out https://www.instagram.com/100fitsydney/

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